Boston’s Red Line train, which runs north to south beginning at Harvard, reaches its southernmost point in Braintree, just south of Dorchester.

We care for dogs in all of the Braintree neighborhoods and each has its own attractions for our four-legged clients. South Braintree offers Sunset Lake and Cedar Swamp, while Braintree Highlands provides access to Cranberry Pond, South Street Conservation, and Braintree State Forest. The Landing, Braintree Square, North Braintree, and East Braintree are popular areas we service and we have our favorite spots in each area to take your pup.

Throughout the Braintree neighborhoods, Pond Meadow Park, Great Pond, and Eatons Pond are local favorites for scenic walks. We care for dogs at Liberty Park Apartments, Lexon Farms, and Landing 53 and never run out of entertaining spots to take dogs from any condo or apartment building in the Braintree area.