South End

The South End is a historical part of Boston's diverse, thriving community. With Peters Park Dog Run, the popular Dog friendly weekend SOWA market, and quaint shops, this is an excellent neighborhood to walk your four legged friends.

The South End neighborhood offers a range of dog-friendly enjoyment for your pup in an urban setting. Located in the heart of Boston, the South End offers space for your dog to run around and meet friends inside Peter’s Park Dog Park or in the hidden Underground Dog Park located below the overpases of Route 93. South End has beautiful Follen Garden, Butterfly Meadow, and Titus Sparrow Park for your dog to walk around and enjoy.

Whether your pup loves the city feel of Ink Block and Tremont Street or prefers the grassy pleasures of Peters Park and Berkeley Community Garden, the South End neighborhood is a great place for your four-legged friend to explore with one of our experienced dog handlers.