South of Quincy, in the heart of Massachusetts’ famous South Shore, is the hamlet of Weymouth. A large suburban area with many forests, parks, and general outdoor recreation to keep any visitors and their pets busy during their visit.

Weymouth is famous for its beautiful Whitmans Pond, Weymouth Great Pond, and the sprawling shores of North Weymouth. Some of our most popular dog-friendly parks, Stodders Neck and Bare Cove Park, are right over the Weymouth border in Hingham, across the river from Great Esker Park.

Southfield Dog Park located in South Weymouth is a favorite spot for the dogs from Union Point and Southfield, while Webb Memorial State Park and Cadman Conservation Area are favorites of our pups in North Weymouth. We work seamlessly with condo and apartment complexes and care for dogs from many, including Gradient Apartments, Queen Anne’s Gate Apartments, the Mastlight, and Avana Weymouth Apartments.